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Dear Members of the Korean Society of Lymphedema,

The society took its first step as a research group in 2004, it took another leap forward as the Korean Society of Lymphedema in 2010. The society has now been 12 years since its founding.

The Korean Society of Lymphedema is a multidisciplinary group that has converged for patients suffering from lymphedema.
Various medical fields related to cancer such as nursing, physical therapy, basic medicine such as pathology and anatomy, clinical medicine such as rehabilitation medicine, general surgery, plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, radiation oncology, and radiology, are participating in this academic society.
Despite facing various problems as the conference has been held online due to COVID-19 over the past two years, I greatly appreciate ex-president Kyung-Hwan Shin and executives for leading the society sincerely.
I am very glad to have a face-to-face meeting again after COVID-19, and I hope you enjoy the face-to-face meeting we've been waiting for.

During my term as president, I would like to present three goals.

First, let's make the organic and active relationship between multidisciplinary fields, which is the biggest feature of our society. In particular, I will encourage paramedical parts such as nurses and physical therapists to participate more actively in academic activities.

The second goal is to create an academic conference where members want to participate again. The society will closely examine what members are curious about and prepare for a rewarding conference with more informative, more interesting, and more diverse topics.

The third goal is to raise awareness of the society. In order to improve the awareness of the academic society, which is still lacking, we will further strengthen domestic and international public relations activities.

The society will help members actively participate in academic work.

Ha Suk Bae, President of the Korean Society of Lymphedema

President of the Korean Society of Lymphedema Bae, Ha Suk