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Kyung-hwan Shin

Dear Members of the Korean Society of Lymphedema,

The Korean Society of Lymphedema celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. Our society has established itself as a professional one thanks to the efforts of many members and former executives. The membership continues to increase, with the total number of regular and associate members now exceeding 1,500. In addition to regular academic conferences, spring conferences and academic congresses have been held successfully. In particular, we hold the lymphedema treatment workshop twice a year during the spring and regular academic conferences, as one of the roles of our society. It contributes significantly to the standardization of the education and skills of therapists and nurses. So far, textbooks on lymphedema and guidelines for its treatment have been published. The journal of Clinical Lymphology and Lymphedema was started in 2016 and continues to be published twice a year.

This executive board will further develop and expand the society's various projects, including academic conferences and the publication of academic journals. At the same time, we will also strive to start new projects such as academic-led research projects, public campaigns, diagnosis and treatment efforts, and an expansion into lymphology, which is still an undeveloped field. Based on these activities, we will be promoted to a member society of the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences in 2022.

We are a multidisciplinary society that covers various clinical fields, such as rehabilitation medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery, radiation oncology, and nursing. The active participation of many experts from various fields interested in lymphedema and lymphology will become the foundation for the development of the society.

The Korean Society of Lymphedema is beginning its second decade. At a time when the society is entering its adolescence, I feel a strong responsibility on my shoulders as the president of the society, but I will do my best.

I wish you the best of health and much happiness. Thank you.

President of the Korean Society of Lymphedema Kyung-hwan Shin